Bespoke jewellery & Barbell length to suit you!

We are now delighted to be able to offer you a bespoke jewellery service and option for choosing your own barbell length.

1.Customise your piercing barbell length

The anatomy of our ears differ from person to person, some of us have thicker lobes, some thin, some large , some small and this is true of our helix, tragus, daith, snug, rook, conch and every other area of the ears cartilage. This is why, here at Lena Cohen we are delighted to offer you, our wonderful clients the option of customising the barbell ( longer or shorter) to the specific length you desire at no additional costs to you.

In order to get it right for you, it is very important that you give us an accurate millimetre size of the barbell length you require when closed with the screw back.  For example our standard barbell is 6.5mm in length when the pyramid screw back is on. Please note that this customisation is only available on our stud earrings with pins and will take approximately 15 working days to complete. Please contact us via email

Customise your piercing barbell length

2.Bespoke Custom Order – Let us make your dream come true! (coming soon:)

We have developed the ability and know how, to create high end luxury jewellery of your choice, using the finest quality materials. Our in house jewellers have vast experience of craftsmanship and 3D design technology. If you have a design in mind of ​​a piercing, earring, bracelet, ring or any other jewellery, all you have to do is share it with us. We will be more than happy to quote a price for the work and if your order is above our £500 minimum bespoke order we will make it individually for you.

Follow our safe and easy 3 step method:

Step 1: Upload an image/drawing of the design that you would like and complete the short form.

Step 2: Wait for our assessment, which will be forwarded to your email with a full work plan and indication of the time frame for the item to be completed.

Step 3:  Once you have approved the work plan and paid a 50% deposit, we will proceed as a go ahead and complete the order for you.



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