Jewelry is delicate. It might or might not have any real value, but no matter what, if we want to keep its good look, it is essential to take proper care. This means knowing when to leave your accessories at home, what not to apply to them and how to care for them.

We have made a list of useful tips that will help you in deciding when to go jewelry-free and how to care for it.

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5 useful tips when to go jewelry-free

Going swimming – No matter if you are going swimming in a sea or in a pool, leave the jewelry at home. Sweat, salt and chlorine water all damage the jewelry.

Putting on sunscreen – Applying sunscreen means that your jewelry will get at least one coat of it, which will kill its shine and make it dewy.

On direct sun – Exposure to the direct sun rays damages the jewelry, making it look bleached.

In cold water – Cold water makes the fingers shrink, which is the main reason why the rings slip off easily and get lost.

Doing gardening – Gardening, especially dirt and the rocks damage the jewelry. The abrasives will leave permanent damage.

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5 useful tips on proper jewelry care

Regular cleaning

Cleaning your jewelry regularly will keep the good looks and will make it long-lasting. The warm water, soap, and toothbrush are the only thing you need. They will clean all the dirt, sweat and body oils and bring back the beautiful shine.

Dry and clean storage

The proper storage also goes a long way in maintaining the good look of your jewelry. Keeping in a jewelry box or in some other compartment or in drawer dividers makes it last longer. It will be safe from light and moisture.

Look for damage signs

If you have jewelry with gemstones or clasps, inspect them properly to see if anything is loose or damaged that might lead to loss.

Fix it at the jeweler’s

Don’t try to fix the broken jewelry at home, by yourself.  You might only make it even more damaged. Go to the specialist for these things – the jeweler.


If you do possess some valuable jewelry it is always suggested that you insure it.  It will be your back up plan if anything unwanted happens.

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