Ear piercing is great fun. But when it comes to ear piercing care, most people fail to follow the right care regime. So, here are the top 4 ear-piercing care mistakes you need to stop making from now and protect your ears from catching infection, followed by irritation and pain:


• Mistake 1: Touching your Newly Pierced Ears with Unclean Hands

Touching your newly pierced ears with dirty and unwashed hands is a big no! There is no doubt about the fact that doing so will only increase your chances of catching an infection. So, each time you are about to make your hands reach out to your newly pierced ears, stop and take a second to think if they need to be washed and made germ-free.


• Mistake 2: Letting your Hair Constantly Touch your Newly Pierced Ears

Newly pierced ears are quite sensitive which ultimately makes them quite prone to catch an allergic reaction. So, when you are letting your hair get into the way of your pierced ear, you are increasing the risk of an infection.

Right from harsh chemicals found in hair care products to dust and dirt of all kinds, your hair is home to a lot of bacteria. This is exactly why you need to stop your hair from coming into contact with your pierced ear and protect it against any kind of bacterial infection. So, make sure to keep your hair tied away or pulled back for at least one month of getting your ear pierced and reduce the risk of any bacterial infection.


• Mistake 3: Using the Wrong Solution to Clean your Pierced Ears

If you continue using a saline solution or alcohol that is too harsh on your skin, then you are making a big mistake. Therefore, you need to understand what works well with your skin and pick a solution that helps clean your pierced ear area in the gentlest way. Once you’ve found a suitable solution, make sure to apply it on the front and back of your piercing with clean cotton as and when needed.


• Mistake 4: Wearing Low Quality Earrings

Putting on those attractive, but cheap earrings right after two months of getting your piercing done is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. Try and stick to pure gold earrings for at least one year of getting your ears pierced, and it will definitely keep your ears out of danger.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your beautiful newly pierced ears in the best way possible!

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