Are there special earrings for the cartilage???

Cartilage earrings have grown in popularity over the last few years and the desire to express our unique selves through our piercings has never been more at the fore front as it is now. Women from all walks of life are dressing their ears with their own signature style of piercings and are feeling liberated by the choice of piercings that are on offer, but with this, comes a price and quite a costly one.

So, why pay more for multiple earrings that you can only wear in one spot, when here at Lena Cohen, all our designs gives you the flexibility to wear our piercings on any part of your ear, from your lower lobe to your helix and everywhere in between.

Lena Cohen leading british brand luxury piercing fine jewelry

Lena Cohen's 18k Solid Gold Huggies bring a touch of luxe to your ear stack.

Scorpio. Black Diamond Zodiac Piercing Stud.

Here at Lena Cohen Fine Jewellery we adore our close ups!!, Which is why we would love to share them with you.  We have collectively over 25 years of experience in the jewellery trade, ensuring our jewellery is impeccably handcrafted to perfection. This video shows you our jewellery up close, so that you can judge for yourself the workmanship. Our approach and work ethic is paramount to the quality, you our loyal clients deserve.

SO, lets get up close and personal!, if you have any questions, contact us via

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