So before we delve into answering the question, we would like to know what exactly does the so-called ‘minimalist style’ entail and how can it help you change your wardrobe.

Understanding The Philosophy Of ‘Minimalism’

Minimalist style or to rather say, Minimalism dates way back to the late 1960s and early 1970s which dictated that one should have as fewer possessions as possible. This is not just a quantitative philosophy, but also a visual one. The aesthetics of furniture and other objects in one’s house or office should give a ‘minimalist feel’ rather than a more materialist one, which lies on the other end of the spectrum.

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How Did The Minimalist Aesthetic Manifest During The Era?

Minimalism became the new thing during the late 60s and early 70s. It was defined by objects with pointy edges and furniture in oval and other rounded shapes.

Minimalism made its mark not just on furniture and home interiors but also on automobiles. The typical automobile design that we see in the cars from the late 50s and early 60s with pointed tail light is an example of early minimalism.

So How I Apply Minimalism To My Life?

Just keep it simple. Get back to the basics. This should be your thumb rule when dictating a new style to maintain your household items. To give you a perspective, think about apparel such as straight-leg black jeans, thick sweaters, and ankle boots.

If I’m Going Minimalist, Shall I Ditch All The Colors?

Absolutely not! Going minimalist does not mean you have to go all black-and-white. In fact, this is one of the major misconceptions about minimalism. You don’t have to get rid of all your favorite colors from your wardrobe.

However, just ensure that you are keeping it to a minimal. Also, even more important, is the point that keeps it paired with the more neutral colors such as dark wash hues or pure black. If you are still craving for more color, give it a more chic and tonal try such as wearing a fuchsia top with trousers that are rose-colored.

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Now Here Comes The Hardest Part, Keep Your Nostalgia At Bay

This is something every girl struggles with and hence relates to. That favorite dress of yours brings back those happy memories! Yeah, we all have that couple of dresses.

But now is the time to show you some tough love. Get rid of them! Yeah, you read that right, get rid of them! You should definitely keep those sweet memories alive through those photos of your prom and wedding, but those dresses, just leave them in the bin of history. And let’s face it, you were going to need them only once in your life! So why keep them?

However, don’t just throw them away. Donate your wedding dress/prom dress for some worthy cause. There certainly are some non-profits that will buy your old dresses for a low price so that they can be of some help to a poor couple somewhere.

And it’s not just these kinds of dresses we are talking about. Do you know those t-shirts with cheesy lines and flamboyant graphics? Give them up too.

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Going Beyond Apparels, Let’s Have A Look At Minimalist Jewelry.

Minimalist jewelry has been making rounds with well-known fashion bloggers, fashion retailer chains and celebs. You will read in the popular fashion blogs that exclusive sellers of minimalist jewelry sets get their collections by carefully selecting and acquiring from around the world.

And you will easily acquire these minimalist jewelry pieces from there.

However, always see that they are chic and have an understated elegance. This ultimately gives you the classic look without compromising on the aesthetics.

The simple, as well as the delicate nature of these jewelry pieces, allows you to create awesome looks very effortlessly which do not take away your natural beauty.

So What Is It That Makes Minimalist Jewelry Trending?

And the answer is simple and straightforward. Because it’s awesome. These jewelry pieces accentuate the natural beauty of the wearer. The best words that you can conjure up to describe them are flirty, dainty and delicate. Also, they add to your sex appeal without making your overall style look very loud. They keep you classy.

You can even pair them with other jewelry pieces to create a new type of minimalist aesthetic. This brings us to the benefits of minimalist jewelry pieces. First of all, minimalist jewelry is very versatile and they can effortlessly transition your style from a workday to a night out.

When Do I Know Whether I Should Go For A Minimalist Style?

After you have tried most of the styles and have finally given up on most of them, it is time you tried the minimalist style.

What does it mean to be minimalistic?

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