If you’ve never worn threader earrings, then you’ve missed out on one of the most comfortable and elegant earrings from a broad ear jewellery selection. Threader earrings can give you the opportunity to fill each of your multiple lobe piercing holes.

how to wear threader earrings

If these earrings are adorned with precious stones, it will make you look more sophisticated and adds beautiful sparkles to the ear. The design of such threader earrings with rubies, emeralds and diamonds combines the classic vibe of fine jewellery and a modern approach, which takes into account the fact that modern women usually have several piercings in their ears. Threaders are uniquely different from other styles of earrings as they’re made with a length of fine chain that goes through your piercing.
They’re super comfy to wear as the chain is fine, so you can even sleep in them.

how to wear threader earrings?

It is very easy to put on threader earrings, perhaps this is the easiest maneuver among all types of earrings. Just thread the post gently into the ear piercing, pull it down to the desired length until the post appears at the back of your ear. Watch our videos to see how easy this is. Some ladies thread the chain through several piercings, it looks unique and stylish. This approach gives you quite a lot of styling options, and you can adjust the length of the earrings at your wish, you can wear the earring like a thread, you can fill as much space on the earlobe as you wish.
Shorter types of threader earrings can be worn even in tragus or helix piercings.
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