Cartilage piercing earring handmade from 18k white gold, and polished to a mirror shine.

Buying a piece of jewellery that has high quality and at the same time is long lasting, mainly depends on the gold karats. Many people do not know the difference in karats and if that makes a difference or not. Whichever the case, here are the most important things you need to know:

Definition of “karat”

Karat is a unit for measuring the purity of the gold and it is associated with the different pieces of jewelry.

Meaning of “karat”

Gold, with its natural ingredients and composition, is a soft metal. In order to become stronger, it is combined with other metals. The karats are the actual pointer that tells you how much real gold does the gold you have possess.

The gold is considered and proved to be made of 24 parts that are also called “karats”. So, when you hear someone say that they have 24 karat gold, that means that their gold is 100% pure, clean and with no additional ingredients. The 18 karat gold is also very common in the jewelry industry and it refers to gold made of around 75% gold or 18 parts gold and the rest 6 parts can be silver, copper, nickel, and zinc. According to the above mentioned, the 9 karat gold consists of 9 parts gold or 37.5% gold and the rest 15 parts are other ingredients.

What is the purest gold? 9 carat 14 carat 18 carat 24k gold or 100 per cent gold.
What is the purest gold?
9 carat 14 carat 18 carat 24k gold or 100 per cent gold.
Is the 24 karat gold the best?

From different points of view, the answer can be both yes and no. As mentioned before, 24 karat gold is the purest form of the gold, but the 22 karat gold comes near that and it has a high value. Its structure is soft which makes it very easy to shape into different types of jewelry. Alongside its expensiveness, the 24 karat gold is not very durable and it might lose its good look very quickly. The 9 and 18 karat gold is more appropriate for jewelry because of their endurance and is in high demand.

What to buy?

Depending on the available budget, the 18 karat gold is the best option. It is purer and more gold in color than the other.

It is expensive and worth far more because it lasts longer. The 9 karat gold contains other metals that can make it lose color and even reflect on the skin with some reaction. It is less expensive than the 18 karat gold and the most popular choice for buying delicate pieces of jewelry because it looks good. If it is maintained regularly, it can last very long.

However, the 18 karat is the definition of pure luxury so if can afford it, go for it!

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