We often see in comments questions like these from women:

Multiple piercings have become a global trend for young and old alike, so when I see questions like the ones below, I want to belt out to all you beautiful women out there…..”No matter what your age, you are gorgeous!, you are smart!, you are sexy!, you are YOU!!!!

diamond flower helix earring lena cohen jewellery uk
diamond flower helix earring lena cohen jewellery uk

These are just a few of the questions I have come across, have read and check out my full response below.


“I’m 55 and just got my orbital and helix pierced, but I’m beginning to sense that some people think I’m too old and going through a mid life crisis. Is there some sort of age limit on piercings? I’m I too old? Would love to hear some opinions.” Mrs curious.


“I am 45 and love jewelry! I’m thinking of getting another piercing, but I’m quite conservative in my dress style and I’m afraid that the piercing will look too shocking on my ears or dare I say trashy. R


“I want to pierce my Helix in two places and Tragus, but I’m worried that I will look like I’m trying to look younger than my age, I’m 48 and always thought that piercings are related to the subcultures that youth support”


“Am I too old for a piercing? I don’t like to think so, as I’ve always been young at heart, but I’m a bit scared to be honest on how long it will take my cartilage to heal especially at my age and if people will think I’m daft! … although I increasingly see women of my age with several earrings in each ear. I am 52.”


“When I was in my twenties, it was very fashionable to have multiple earrings. Once I got married they all came out apart from my lower lobe studs, now my 24 year old daughter, who by the way has several stunning piercings is urging me to get mine re-pierced. If truth be told I would love too, but am I too old and will it be painful?”


Mature fashion style tips jewellery ear piercing


Today’s culture of decorating ears with one or multiple earrings has gone beyond the narrow framework of subcultures and has become not just a “piercing” but an “ear- styling” or “ear-curation”. The artistry of decorating and combining cartilage earrings has become as frequent as styling our hair, applying our make-up and of course adding the finishing touches to our look for any occasion. So, whether it’s a special occasion, a trip to the supermarket in our comfy jeans and fav jumpers, picking up the kids or grandkids from school we need something luxurious, stylish and fun to embrace our femininity, our individuality in an easy relaxed and yet fashionable way. Our age, our profession, our status in society shouldn’t define us.

How old is too old for multiple piercing trend
How old is too old for multiple piercing trend

So really my main point in all this is that “ Multiple Piercings” is not just part of the goth or punk subcultures anymore it has made a full circle to the very beginning: *it’s historical purpose – a noble and luxurious option to decorate women with style and elegance.

Amen to that sisters!

Multiple piercings have become a global trend

Earrings, ornaments decorating the ears, have been one of the principal forms of jewellery throughout recorded history. The term usually refers to ornaments worn attached to the earlobes, though in the late twentieth century it expanded somewhat to include ornaments worn on other parts of the ear, such as ear cuffs, and is used to describe pieces of jewellery in earring form, even when they are worn through piercings in other parts of the body (for example, in the nose). The most common means of attaching earrings to the earlobes has been to pierce holes in the lobes, through which a loop or post may be passed. But a variety of other devices have also been used, including spring clips, tensioning devices such as screw backs, and, for particularly heavy earrings, loops passing over the top of the ear or attaching to the hair or headdress.

Lastly, if you are considering piercings, but are fazed by it all think about Not piercing, which are ear adornments, such as cuffs etc to see how it feels.

lena cohen jewellery blog should multiple earrings have an age limit
lena cohen jewellery blog should multiple earrings have an age limit
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