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Diamond Press-Fit Cartilage Stud


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  • Single Item
  • 18k Solid Gold
  • Ethically Sourced Natural White Diamond
  • Handcrafted in London UK
  • Cartilage Piercing Earring
  • Polished to a mirror shine
  • The barbell is 6 mm in length
  • Push-Fit System

Nothing completes an outfit like a stylish piece of  jewellery. Our diamond flat back piercing stud earring is a perfect accent for a lobe or cartilage placement, a classic element for any creative earring combination. With its versatility, this delicate diamond stud can be worn from the lobe up to the helix. Single Diamond Push in Pin Flat Back Earring for Cartilage, Tragus, Helix, Conch, Lobe, Ear Piercings.

What is Push-Fit System in Piercings?

Push Pin flat back earrings have a top with a thin, slightly bended pin which allows to stay securely in place inside the hollow post.

How to put it on:

1. Insert the back hollow post into your ear from the back of the ear.

2. Insert the pin halfway into the post from the front.

3. Gently apply pressure from both ends.

How to take it off:

1. Pull both ends of the earring in opposite directions (If you are having trouble taking off your jewelry, twist the pin while you pull.)

Please remember that cartilage earrings are small and must be handled with care. We advise you to try opening and closing the earring in your hands to feel how it works before putting it into your ear for the first time.


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