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We strongly believe in fair trade and fair prices for one and all. Our jewellery is handmade in London, by our team of goldsmiths. There are no unnecessary middlemen, no insane markups and no huge expense on loud advertising.

Sevivon Diamond Piercing Stud


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  • single item
  • comes with the pyramid screw back
  • 18k solid gold
  • ethically sourced natural diamond
  • handcrafted in London UK
  • suitable for ear cartilage
  • polished to a mirror shine
  • the barbell is 6 mm in length

The length of the barbell can be customized to individual size, please read below.


Each facet of this earring is made and polished by hand. This allows us to achieve perfect shape and shine and makes a big difference for the overall look of the jewellery. Take a closer look at Lena Cohen’s signature pyramid screw backs: they are individually hand made from solid 18k gold and have a bevelled edge to help the wearer gently guide them onto the barbell. They have a high polish finish, which allows the light to bounce off making them sparkle like the stars.


For this design we offer one more screw back option: Collar Back. To order a product with this screw back, simply indicate your request in the “Order Note” when purchasing. The price is the same.


lena cohen luxury ear piercing backing system


We are delighted to offer you, our wonderful clients the option of customising the barbell ( longer or shorter) to the specific length you desire at no additional costs to you. In order to get it right for you, it is very important that you give us an accurate millimetre size of the barbell length you require when closed with the screw back. Please contact us via email lenacohenjewellery@gmail.com Or, if you are sure what barbell length you need, just specify the size in the “Order Note” when purchasing the product. Please note that it will take approximately 15 working days to complete.

size | gold

medium/yellow, medium/white, large/yellow, large/white, pair/medium/yellow, pair/medium/white, pair/large/yellow, pair/large/white

1 review for Sevivon Diamond Piercing Stud

  1. Elaine Rodriguez

    Wonderful earring, looks like a miniature toy. This little guy is nice to even just hold in the hands, kinda playful. The quality of the diamond is good, as far as I can tell. There are no rough adhesions of metal, which confirms a good jewelry work. The site team is friendly and responsive. I have the only one complaint about this brand.. the sizes of some earring models are not easy to understand. I would like to see more photos with all sizes are placed together for one design.
    Regards fro LA. Elaine.

  2. Sarah Cohen

    Hi Elaine,
    🙏Thank you 🙏, your description of our jewellery pieces is absolutely priceless… Thank you,🙏
    We have also taken on board that we should have more images re our different sizes, so now hopefully when you go on our site it will be easier to understand, however I’m always here if you need to ask something. 💜

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