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spare screw back


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18k white/yellow gold spare screw back for Lena Cohen’s cartilage earrings.
These high quality pyramids are totally handcrafted which gives them a very classy well-made look.

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How should you care for your screw back earrings? Here are some quick points to remember if you want to take care of your screw back earrings:

Once you put on the earring, you need to screw it tightly and screw it until it stops. In order to double check, shake your earring a bit and you’ll know that you have put it on the right way. If you are wearing your earring constantly for a long time, then you will have to check from time to time whether the tightness of the earring is at the right level or not.

When you’re ready to remove the earring, you will need to use both of your hands. Make sure to hold on to the front of the earring, so it doesn’t get lost. Now, grab the other end in a similar way. Twist in the appropriate direction, until the backing is completely freed.

When twisting the screw back please make sure that it is tightened up to the full stop and doesn’t loosen freely at the end of the earring.

Be careful to avoid dropping or banging as physical impacts can result in damage. Please note that the piercings are very robust but small in size. Try to always hold the earring with both hands and take it off and put it on in a place where, if it falls, you can find it. Leave the jewellery at home when going swimming. Sweat, salt and chlorine water all damage the jewelry. Soap can also leave a film which makes the metal seem dull.

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