Do you need to buy day in and out to catch up with the ever changing trends?  Don’t you think we are harming the environment around us and the planet by discarding things time and time again?

Slow Fashion or Sustainable Fashion:

Slow fashion is just the opposite of fast fashion, it is all about creating and consuming products that are durable and well made. It connects the social and ethical responsibility with that of lasting fashion so that there is minimal waste and thoughtful consumption.

Sustainable or slow fashion applies to clothing, jewellery and any type of fashion materials and products. Slow fashion is also about buying traditional, high quality pieces that offer a value which will only increase in the further days. Too many stuff in your closet can make you confused. It might make you feel there’s nothing worthy you own. Do you want to regret? Definitely not! Try to buy top quality, long lasting products so that they could be worn through years down the line. Make a worthy investment and be glad for your decision, always!

uk based fine jewellery lena cohen london british designer luxury piercings
uk based fine jewellery lena cohen london british designer luxury piercings
Slow fashion also applies to jewellery.

When you are about to buy a new piece of jewellery, here are some things you can consider:

Online retailing, accelerated by the pandemic, will remain a favoured consumer experience due to its convenience. Consumers want to see e-commerce packaging become one of the main priorities for brands. Underpinning all future packaging trends in sustainability and simplicity. Jewelry is no exception. Fewer consumers want to see multiple layers of packaging that they  have to throw away or recycle. The simpler the packaging of the product, the better.


what is slow jewelry lena cohen luxury piercings
what is slow jewelry lena cohen luxury piercings

A mass produced design can look boring very soon. It will be owned by hundreds and thousands of people and seen all over the place. It is wise to choose a handmade one that is done slowly and creatively.  This supports the idea of slow fashion – it would be a distinct piece that you can wear for years down the line. Slow fashion also means buying valuable materials that do not go down on value as time rolls by. Go for for gold, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones! These are highly precious materials that do not fade or lose value over time.

At Lena Cohen Fine Jewellery, we know gold and diamonds are bought only to be worn and passed on through generations. Each piece of Lena Cohen Jewellery is artistically handmade in the UK with love and care that strongly support the slow fashion or slow jewelry movement.


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