When the days get warmer……The piercings get hotter!

The summer’s about to get hotter!!!, with Lena Cohen’s Fine Piercing Jewellery collection.

When sun is out and it’s just too hot to wear our usual hands and neck jewellery, what better way to keep on trend then by showing off your piercing jewellery…. Pin up your hair ladies and enjoy the ride through Lena’s sizzling collection of luxury earrings.

best jewelry for summer luxury piercings lena cohen

Keeping to our favourite styles through the summer months can be tricky as temperatures soar, but accessorising with high end cartilage and lobe earrings has never been easier. Our timeless earring collection is full of summer hits for you to flaunt this season.

best jewelry for summer luxury piercings lena cohen

As the summer gets going in full swing, update your jewellery wardrobe and treat yourself or someone you love by investing in natural diamonds, precious gems and 18k gold for a unique look. These piercing trends look great on anyone, regardless of your personal style or age.



Summer is filled with sunshine, tan lines, and fruity drinks. While making fun memories, why not choose exciting jewellery that ties in with the beauty of summer with Lena Cohen’s summer collection, and as mother nature provided us with blue skies, bright sunny days and breathtaking sunsets, let’s compliment her by mirroring these vibrant colours to our jewellery, diamonds for the sun and stars, sapphires for the skies and seas, emeralds for the fields and trees, rubies for the sunrise and sunsets, the list of colours that have been gifted to us are endless, so with that in mind, embrace them, savour them and incorporate them into your jewellery.

Summer is the perfect time to take out these gems. Long walks on the beach at night, romantic dinners, partying with your friends, sipping a cocktail or two. When you’re out and about, your gems will shine all night long. And don’t think your summer jewellery ends with diamonds and gems. Lena Cohen’s collection has a stunning array of styles with beautiful chains, hoops and charms.


With the glow of the sun on your skin, these threaders and add ons will playfully frame you your face and add a touch of style to your look, resulting in enhanced beauty. Made from 18k gold, threaders and add ons are a definite must have for the summer months.

lena cohen fine jewellery pull through earrings white gold


Another summer style classic is hoop earrings. These are always fun and playful. Hoop earrings are also versatile; you can choose small hoops for formal wear and large hoops for when you’re partying with friends, you can even add charms!

Summer Style Ear Jewellery. Luxury Piercings. Lena Cohen London.



Benefits of wearing earrings. Jewellery Blog. Lena Cohen Luxury Piercings.
Benefits of wearing earrings. Jewellery Blog. Lena Cohen Luxury Piercings.

All our hoop earrings comes in 18k yellow or white gold. This precious material matches with every outfit and is perfect for every occasion.  Its time to hit onto our site and buy your summer collection earrings with our pyramid bevelled edge screw back, making them suitable to wear on your earlobes as well as the whole cartilage area too.


Summer Style Ear Jewellery. Luxury Piercings. Lena Cohen London.

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