As a jeweler, I can’t help but pay attention to earrings, bracelets, rings of other women. This is the first thing that gets my attention. I believe that the concept of a “jewelry wardrobe” is a delicate, very interesting and serious adventure. After all, jewelry is luxury. It is expensive and some pieces made from gold, platinum and precious stones are a serious investment. But let’s talk about drawing up such a wardrobe a little later. Today I would like to emphasize the untidiness, un-kemptness of expensive products, which, alas, I notice on many  fingers, ears and necks.

Women wear engagement rings without taking them off, cook food in them, apply cream on their face and perform a million different operations. And it is right. Otherwise, why do we need these products at all, if we cannot live our daily life wearing and enjoying them. The problem is that many people think that by taking a shower, they thus cleanse all the dirt accumulated on thier rings, earrings, necklaces. And this is so wrong! Dirty, unkept jewelry can be a safe haven for bacteria which could eventually lead to skin irritation. But not only that. The epithelium and dust stick together with sebum (after all, our jewelry comes in contact with our skin) and this mixture forms films and corks on expensive, previously sparkling diamonds, metals and gemstones. How often do I see large solitair rings covered with this film! How dramaticaly this diminishes their stunning beauty!

We wash and iron our clothes, but jewelry seems to grow into our body, women often stop even remembering about the ring on their finger. But, in comparison with clothes, jewelry requires much less maintenance.

Let me show you the “poorly groomed” and “well-groomed” ring at closeup and you will see for yourself how the huge the difference is, and how seriously you diminish the beauty of your jewelry by not cleaning it once or twice a month. Even the most beautiful, long and naturally thick hair will look dull and lifeless if it has not been washed for a month. The same is with jewelery. Dullness, blurring, loss of precious sparkle makes your earrings, rings and bracelets less chic, takes away from their royal style and reduces their visual value.


How do you clean jewelry like a professional? Lena Cohen Jewellery Blog


What’s is the best homemade jewellery cleaner?


The best homemade jewelry cleaning solution is to mix a few drops of  dish soap like Fairy Liquid) in warm water. Leave the piece in the solution for a few minutes, or longer if it is very dirty, then rub gently with soft cloth in the water and place the piece in a new container of warm water to rinse. Then wipe dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Yes, as easy as it sounds.


Let’s see what happened to the ring after the described procedure.

How do you clean jewelry like a professional? Lena Cohen Jewellery Blog Before vs After CloseUp


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