Less Is More….

This phrase in the past was commonly associated with the great architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, but more recently it has became one of the new principles of life to many people! To minimises the use of existing resources while maximising their value. Adopting this new approach will acknowledge the needs of cost-conscious consumers seeking to build back a better and brighter post-pandemic world. The majority of people on a whole are eager to save money and reduce their environmental impact and are increasingly in favour of companies that reuse and repurpose to generate more value and a better environmental climate for future generations.

As we go through the horrendous impact of Covid-19, so must we go through the 4 phase cycle of  to help us understand and recover.


Phase 1: Fear & Panic.

The initial period that disrupts our everyday existence, denial and anger steps in, and as the world goes into yet another lockdown this will be exacerbated.

Phase 2: Comfort & Reassurance

As we adjust to our new normal, we strive to look for all things familiar and then nostalgia kicks in, we realise and accept that we can change How we work, shop, play and communicate.

Phase 3: Reflect & Learn

We start to reflect on society and take on board our personal values (which occasionally at one time or another we forgot) and begin to show empathy, we educate our children and ourselves in respect, love in people and the world we live in.

Phase 4: Commit & Rebuild

As we develop these new values and  build a new normal, let us prioritise the collective good and rebuild a future world with hope and optimism for us and future generations.

Now we get to the exciting three R’s

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle…...

You can pretty much reduce, reuse and recycle most things now which enables us to cut down on what we throw away. And that goes for recycled Gold and ethically sourced natural diamonds and gems, with the added bonus of keeping its value. Its financially and environmentally better for both your purse and world to purchase jewellery made from gold, diamonds and precious gems rather then purchase 10 pieces of costume jewellery made from cheap harsh materials, only to throw them out once they have tarnished and dulled or you grow bored of them, as let’s face it, they have no value, so will not be passed down from generation to generation, where as a beautiful piece of jewellery made from gold will be cherished for eternity.  The value of gold and diamonds has been on the up for hundreds of years, so to invest in these commodities would be a very wise move.

On the other hand, fashion costume jewellery is usually mass-produced by machines using plastic, glass and base metals. It is not easy to recycle and, once its shine has dulled and a few of the stones have fallen out, it has lost its appeal and is fit only for the bin. When you see an ad for a piece of fashion jewellery from a big brand, remember that the item has very little intrinsic value and the price that customers pay will be covering the expensive ad campaign too! This throw away jewellery should be a huge cause of concern for us all. Lets collectively stop using cheap harsh products and invest in the occasional piece of gold jewellery and help the world’s pollution crisis, let’s encourage those around us to look more carefully at the amount we consume and the ways in which we can reduce, reuse  and recycle.

Adding Value and Lessening  Financial  Anxiety  while buying responsibly.


1. If you are looking to buy a piece of jewellery to commemorate a special occasion or mark an important birthday, investing in precious metals and gems will give you the opportunity to own an item that will be cherished for years and not degrade with age. You will be able to wear and appreciate this item of jewellery for a lifetime, then be lovingly passed down and become the treasured possession of someone you love.  However, the financial concerns of buying jewellery can terrify you, but when bought wisely it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Start small with one or two luxury handmade pieces to get you going… dainty piercing earrings etc…. think of it like buying Art and build up a collection over time.


2. Responsibility + Resale: Gold and Diamonds are luxury items and yes, they cost a pretty penny, and that in my eyes is a good thing!,  unfortunately we live  in a world where people tend to treat non expensive things in a very non responsible way, (we are getting better, but still have a way to go!!!) for example,  When we buy a pair of fancy costume earrings for £20, we might get a little fed up of them after a while and probably wouldn’t have any regrets about  throwing them away. But, when we buy something say for £200, we would look after it and continue to wear it with pride and by investing in something solid, handcrafted in high materials, we will also be supporting small businesses that are not  harmful to our environment and workforce as many of  the  “made in China” giants. We might pay more for these luxury items but  remember we get a whole lot more for our money with the addition of a resale value,  as gold and diamonds are an investment purchase as well a luxury purchase to wear and enjoy!

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Wellbeing, Health & Selfcare.

There is a large and fast growing trend to be healthy, and with it comes a huge variety of activities to choose from, gym, dance classes, yoga, aerobic, zumba, outdoor training and all of them are united  by one thing, our sport attire!, and for women who spend huge amounts of time in the gym taking classes or jogging through the parks, they will NOT usually wear heavy pieces of jewellery or watches, but piercings would be the perfect way to keep your individuality and bring a touch of decoration while exercising in your minimalist sports outfit. And it is comfortable as we dont feel our earrings even when running.

So, nail the sporty look by mixing function with fashion. Dainty luxury piercing earrings  will add the perfect style touch to your gym look, but don’t overdo it. Remember less is more. A bit of diamond  sparkle on your ears will do a lot.

The New Virtual World!

Virtual connection:

COVID 19 has thrown us even more so into a virtual world and we are spending more and more time sitting in front of our laptop cameras and all we see of each other is our torso, arms, hands, face, hair and ears!

We work, we communicate, we study, we flirt, we chat, we make new  friends and we fall in love via our cameras which only show our portrait rather then our whole figure. So, we put on our favourite tops, do our hair and make up and not worry about what’s not on show, this is why we should enhance our look to the maximum and consider wearing ear decoration as a main staple style when most our time is dedicated to ZOOM, SKYPE or any other video chats?  According to the experts forecasts,  this trend will only increase in the future. The world is becoming more digital and zoom is here to stay, and I’m sure you will all agree with this!

work from home how to look good online meeting zoom skype webinars conference

Interesting combinations of piercing earrings, shiny diamonds, stacking, layering, hoops, studs, threader chains, dangly charms in 18k gold will really play to your best side when it comes to the framed camera’s look, much more than a beautiful skirt or even a top that is only seen half way up. Use this smart tactic and frame your beautiful face with an array of amazing piercing  ear jewellery and of course a  nice hair do. In a time of mainly Virtual connection “benefits of wearing earrings”   are truly obvious. The feed back and positive comments from so many clients and now friends during this last few months who have been wearing our ear jewellery has been astounding, especially with the versatility of being able to stack and layer our earrings with such ease.


Co Designing.

We are now offering our clients the ability to design a piece of jewellery that they would like, for us this would be a great honour and privilege to take your brilliant ideas and help bring them to life. We have been and continue to be in awe of your vision and creativity and would love the opportunity to design your piece WITH you.

Get in touch with us to discuss designing your very own bespoke piece for you or a loved one or email us with any ideas or images you have, even a scribble on a piece of paper will do…….you don’t have to be a Van Gogh for us to be able to work with it and make it a reality. Even if you aren’t entirely sure about what you exactly want, we can help and inspire you to create that special personalised luxury jewellery gift for her or him,  be it big or small, we will spend as much time discussing and designing with you to make it right.
And remember, you can do this all online or by phone, as mention previously we are now living in a virtual world!😉

Co Designing. We are now offering our clients the ability to design a piece of jewellery that they would like, for us this would be a great honour and privilege to take your brilliant ideas and help bring them to life.
Co Designing. Lena Cohen Fine Jewellery London
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